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I am a young but keen member of many environment groups in Canberra. I am an avid birder and and a member of the Canberra Ornithologists Group, and contribute all my sightings to ebird, an online database of bird sightings- currently having seen over 205 species of birds in the ACT (and a relatively low 310+ for Australia). I also love to take photos, especially of birds (and buses!), as well as riding my bike. I have also been involved with Frogwatch and CIMAG. Of course, I am an active contributor to Canberra Nature Map, which has broadened and increased my interest in nature to other areas like insects, reptiles, fungi, and orchids! I hope to one day work in the environment, especially in the areas of ecology and conservation. NOTE: I am currently many months behind in uploading sightings from my camera

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