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Look out for these bad ass grassy weeds!

 5 Nov 2020

Now is a great time for detecting serious weeds, includes a number of grassy weeds that have a major negative impact on our natural environment and agricultural industries.

For example, Chilean Needle Grass. In many ways it looks similar to native spear (Stipa) grass, but if you look closely at the seed head there is a distinct ring (called a 'corona') between the seed and the awn (tail). Native spear grasses do not have this.
If you see Chilean Needle Grass (or the other grassy weeds listed below) please record it to Albury Wodonga Nature Map. Your signtings will be utilised by Council weed officers.


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Kyliegw wrote:
   5 Nov 2020
I have been keeping my eyes peeled but haven't seen anything like them as yet. Would love to get a bad ass weed.

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