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10 Jun 2021

SEEKING YOUR HELP WITH RECORDING AN INVASIVE BIRD SPECIES! A Common Myna, AKA Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis)was sighted in Thurgoona yesterday, crossing Kerr Rd just south of Thurgoona Drive. The sighting was made by Rob Fenton, head lecturer at the National Environment Centre. As many of...

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Platform update, national rollout and significant investment12 Jun 2021

Look out for Key's Matchstick Grasshopper13 Apr 2021

Research shows many benefits in being a citizen scientist1 Apr 2021

NatureMapr mobile app (outage and brand new version on the way)6 Mar 2021

Regular platform update23 Feb 2021

Congratulations Kyliegw for reaching 500 sightings added!13 Feb 2021

Latest discussion

George wrote:
4 min ago
Love your work Aaron an team - us Apple peeps can’t wait for new improved mobile app...

Platform update, national rollout and significant investment
LisaH wrote:
59 min ago
Congratulations to you and your team! This is incredibly exciting - thank you, and to the volunteer administrators/expert identifiers etc....

Platform update, national rollout and significant investment
1 hr ago
The flowers and buds of e. sideroxylon are much bigger while the trunk has persistent deeply furrowed bark...

Eucalyptus melliodora (TBC)
Kyliegw wrote:
3 hrs ago
awesome photos! Such an odd looking insect!...

Rentinus dilatatus
Kyliegw wrote:
4 hrs ago
THank you all for IDing. I will let my friend know!...

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