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14 Oct 2020

Since Albury Wodonga Nature Map went live in May this year, over 100 members have joined collectively adding almost 600 wildlife photos. We are very excited by the interest the residents of Australia's 20th largest city have shown, particularly during what has been a challenging time with the border...

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Latest discussion

Kyliegw wrote:
No problems. I will do a close up and add it in. The light seems to be reflecting off the branches of the grass seed heads rather than off the se...

Unidentified Grass (TBC)
Looks like an Austrostipa species or Spear Grass - a native. Hard to say conclusively without closeup of seed head, etc :)...

Unidentified Grass (TBC)
Kyliegw wrote:
Crikey. This is a wasp? Really? And it associates with orchids... which I have yet to find at any site in Wodonga. Darn it. Orchids are my nemesi...

Lissopimpla excelsa
Lisah06 wrote:
30 Oct 2020
What a great find. An amazing spider!...

Unidentified Orb-weaving spider (several families) (TBC)
njones wrote:
29 Oct 2020
Nice one Pete...

Thelymitra megcalyptra (TBC)
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