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10 Jun 2021

SEEKING YOUR HELP WITH RECORDING AN INVASIVE BIRD SPECIES! A Common Myna, AKA Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis)was sighted in Thurgoona yesterday, crossing Kerr Rd just south of Thurgoona Drive. The sighting was made by Rob Fenton, head lecturer at the National Environment Centre. As many of you...

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Latest discussion

Darcy wrote:
1 hr ago
Baby duskies are so cute :)

Gallinula tenebrosa
KylieWaldon wrote:
2 hrs ago
wow Claire. Amazing sounds. Bit like the Lyrebird and those camera clicks.

Biziura lobata
Liam.m wrote:
2 hrs ago
Blue bills and hardheads do look similar sometimes. Key difference is that blue bills have stiff tails that are normally out of the water

Aythya australis
KylieWaldon wrote:
2 hrs ago
Thanks Liam :)

Milvus migrans
Liam.m wrote:
Congratulations on the new bird :)

Milvus migrans
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