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10 Jun 2021

SEEKING YOUR HELP WITH RECORDING AN INVASIVE BIRD SPECIES! A Common Myna, AKA Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis)was sighted in Thurgoona yesterday, crossing Kerr Rd just south of Thurgoona Drive. The sighting was made by Rob Fenton, head lecturer at the National Environment Centre. As many of you...

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Latest discussion

Darcy wrote:
Ah I'm glad you were able to get better pictures than I could :D

Podiceps cristatus
ConBoekel wrote:
17 Jan 2022
Hi Aaron I am not sure where to post this but here goes. I have recently been uploading records for the Blue Gum Point to Attunga Point area. These are being ascribed to 'Yarralumla'. I have checked the lat longs in the upload meta data with the lat longs in Google Earth. They consistently fall inside the Blue Gum to Attunga Point area. kind regards Con Boekel

Regional Moderators and Administrators wanted
ClaireSee wrote:
17 Jan 2022
Looks like tree violet. Has tiny little flowers growing directly on the stem, followed by berries. A lovely plant (or good shrubbery, if you will), great to see the birds enjoying it

Melicytus dentatus (TBC)
KylieWaldon wrote:
17 Jan 2022
They are surprisingly difficult to see on the water - it looks like a duck or a bit of driftwood!

Podiceps cristatus
16 Jan 2022
yes it is

Ichneumonidae (family)
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