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Other Invertebrates


An introduction to Invertebrates:


Since Canberra Nature Map is away from the ocean, it will not need to include marine invertebrates.

The following reference gives a number of local invertebrates, especially relevant are the sections on Worms and Molluscs:


Following is a list of the moderators for Other Invertebrates with their usernames and area of expertise:

Trevor Preston (tpreston) - all of Other Invertebrates

Michael Shea (Michael123) - Snails & Slugs

Leigh Winsor (turb) - Flatworms, Leeches & Proboscis Worms

30 species

Aporrectodea trapezoides (Southern Worm)

Austropeplea lessoni (A freshwater snail)

Austropeplea tomentosa (A freshwater snail)

Bayardella cosmeta (ramshorn snail)

Cornu aspersum (Common Garden Snail)

Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum

Cupelopagis vorax (Rotifer)

Eisenia fetida (Compost Worm)

Helicorbis australiensis (ramshorn snail)

Isidorella newcombi (ramshorn snail)

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67294 sightings of 2266 species in 356 locations from 155 members
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