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Congratulations Kyliegw for reaching 500 sightings added!

 13 Feb 2021

Albury Wodonga Nature Map's most prolific contributor, Kylie Waldon (user name Kyliegw), recently reached the impressive milestone of 500 wildlife records added to the local citizen science platform since joining in September 2020. Her records are typically accompanied by amazing images.

Kylie's motto is 'seek and ye shall find'. Being involved in Albury Wodonga Nature Map has been a constant source of discovery for Kylie.

Keep up the great work Kylie, we are loving your contributions!


Kyliegw wrote:
   13 Feb 2021
Thank you so much everyone! It has been really enjoyable. Living in this area all my life I thought I knew pretty much what was out there - I was wrong! I had no idea of the diversity and I really didn't know what anything really looked like nor what was native or not. Now I'm getting up close and personal with all kinds of critters. Thank you so much to everyone who has ID'd my sightings - even when you knew it was as common as mud. I just hope there will be lots more inquisitive people stumbling around outdoors like me.
jksmits wrote:
   21 Feb 2021
Congrats Kyliegw!
   7 Mar 2021
Great work Kylie, I love seeing all your sightings.
Kyliegw wrote:
   7 Mar 2021
Thanks Matthew & jksmits. There is so much that is still "weird" to me and that encourages me to keep using my eyes and find more out in the wild.

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