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NatureMapr mobile app (outage and brand new version on the way)

 6 Mar 2021

Hi everyone,

We have had to make another difficult but important decision to ensure we can keep up with the growth in the platform and our user base.

We will be unable to continue to support the current implementation of the NatureMapr mobile app.

The current NatureMapr mobile app is in need of a major overhaul and is no longer compatible with the rest of the platform.

Feedback from our customers and users has also been that the app is far too heavy/bloated and complicated, in particular the requirement to download the large project specific data bundled prior to uploading a sighting ultimately slows users down and damages the user experience.

It is getting harder and harder for the app and our modernised back end to talk to each other and we are burning far too much time and resources on it, which we just don't have given our lean development team and resources.

So we made the decision to redesign the app and drastically simplify it ASAP.

Work on the replacement, brand new NatureMapr app is well under way.

The new NatureMapr app will dramatically simplify the NatureMapr mobile app design and improve reliability.

  • It's sole purpose will be as a data collection tool
  • It will eliminate the need to download large/heavy project data bundles
  • It will no longer provide a complex/heavy online/offline field guide - it will link through to the web based field guide instead

This means you will be able to simply download the app and report a sighting anywhere in Australia in under a minute.

This design change is very important to ensure NatureMapr can continue to grow and that we make it as easy to use as possible. This is also inline with feedback from our customers.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to work on getting the brand new NatureMapr mobile experience up and running and we apologise for the outage to the current mobile app.



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