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Unidentified at suppressed - 10 Jan 2021
Unidentified at suppressed - 10 Jan 2021
Unidentified at suppressed - 10 Jan 2021
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Tetragnatha sp. (genus) 20 Jan 2021 MichaelMulvaney
Unidentified 10 Jan 2021 Kyliegw

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Author's notes

This tiny delicate looking spider was on this thin leafless branch about 1.5 metres from the ground. I think the round thing is a old nut or something and not created by the spider?. Are the tiny white things egg casings for the spider or something else? It looked a bit like a daddy long legs but the body shape is wrong.


   20 Jan 2021
I think the spider is a long Jawed spider (but hard to tell from the photo). I am pretty sure that the white things are not spider eggs - which are usually within egg sacs or clumped together. I guess they may be the protective cover of a scale insect.
Kyliegw wrote:
   24 Jan 2021
thank Michael. Yeah sorry about pictures - it was very small and hard to focus with the 400mm lens. I need to use the other lens when there are no sign of birds!

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 10 Jan 2021 09:00 AM Recorded on
  • Kyliegw Recorded by

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