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Paraserianthes lophantha subsp. lophantha

Cape Wattle at West Albury, NSW

Paraserianthes lophantha subsp. lophantha at West Albury, NSW - 20 Jun 2021
Paraserianthes lophantha subsp. lophantha at West Albury, NSW - 20 Jun 2021
Paraserianthes lophantha subsp. lophantha at West Albury, NSW - 20 Jun 2021
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Identification history

Paraserianthes lophantha subsp. lophantha 23 Jun 2021 MichaelMulvaney
Paraserianthes lophantha subsp. lophantha 21 Jun 2021 njones
Unidentified 20 Jun 2021 KylieWaldon

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Significant sighting

23 Jun 2021

Not sure how widespread this species is in teh Albury=Wodonga area, but there is only one other record in government electronic databases and that is from teh Botanic Gardens in 1949. Given that this is a known environmental weed, It is growing on the floodplain (its seed and pods are spread by water) and there was only one plant observed it should be a high priority to control

User's notes

At first I thought this tree left on the edge of the track was a wattle - it looks like a wattle - but then I saw what looks like its flower - and that's not a wattle, is it?


   21 Jun 2021
Definately not a wattle Kyliegw, is an introduced species possibly a Robinia?
   21 Jun 2021
Doesn't look like that. Maybe an Albizia? Its bizarre that at a distance it really looks like a wattle!
njones wrote:
   21 Jun 2021
Yep - good one Kylie, I reckon its Plume Albizia or Paraserianthes lophantha which is Cape Leeuwin Wattle, native to SW West Aus... I discovered it was in Acacia genus until 1983 !! Von Mueller also gave seeds to explorers to spread to indicate where they had been.. nice one BVM ... :| now its a weed in other states and other parts of the world
   21 Jun 2021
Wow. Didn't know that. It probably got washed out of someone's garden to its current location.

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Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Exotic
  • Minor Weed or Pest

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 20 Jun 2021 11:01 AM Recorded on
  • KylieWaldon Recorded by

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  • 1 metre to 5 metres Plant height
  • Alive / healthy Plant health
  • True In flower
  • True Tree(s) planted

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