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Callocephalon fimbriatum

7 Gang-gang Cockatoo at Wodonga, VIC

Callocephalon fimbriatum at Wodonga, VIC - 5 May 2022
Callocephalon fimbriatum at Wodonga, VIC - 5 May 2022
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Callocephalon fimbriatum 5 May 2022 Darcy
Callocephalon fimbriatum 5 May 2022 KylieWaldon

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User's notes

Lots and lots of calls, lots and lots of Gang Gangs. It was awesome. Small groups and sometimes only a pair all over and then they all suddenly took to the air and as a group flew round and into the she oaks down in the gully then all was quiet.


   11 May 2022
Kyiie I have a report of 53 Gang-gangs feeding on Hawthorns in Ward Morrison Prk, Wodonga at about the same time as your sightings. Did you happen to observe whether the Gang=gangs were feeding in teh eucalyptus or she-oak trees?
   15 May 2022
All I can tell you is that when they went down into the gulley which is full of she oaks and gum trees they went quiet so I presume they were feeding in there. But it was too steep to go down there and find out. Mainly other than the pair interested in hollow all the others were just calling and flying, landing briefly and then repeating!
   15 May 2022
thanks Kylie

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  • 14 Abundance
  • 5 May 2022 09:26 AM Recorded on
  • KylieWaldon Recorded by

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