Poa pratensis

Kentucky Bluegrass at Albury

Poa pratensis at Albury - 21 Oct 2023
Poa pratensis at Albury - 21 Oct 2023
Poa pratensis at Albury - 21 Oct 2023
Poa pratensis at Albury - 21 Oct 2023
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Identification history

Poa pratensis 5 Feb 2024 Tapirlord
Poa pratensis 5 Feb 2024 Grassman
Ehrharta erecta 3 Nov 2023 Grassman
Eragrostis curvula 28 Oct 2023 CarbonAI
Unidentified 28 Oct 2023 RobCook

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User's notes

Couch grass? There has been small patches here. It spread quite a lot last year. Smoothers everything else out


Grassman wrote:
   3 Nov 2023
Bit of a stab - Long papery ligule, broad soft leaf, 2 quite large unequal glumes. Only appears to have 2 (maybe 3 - can't really tell) florets.
Branches not reflexing maybe due to the flowerhead just having emerged
natureguy wrote:
   3 Nov 2023
I don't think this is Ehrharta, I've seen a fair bit of it. Maybe Poa?
Tapirlord wrote:
   4 Nov 2023
I agree with Luke, I would’ve tended towards poa as well.
RobCook wrote:
   4 Nov 2023
This plant formed a dense matt smothering out everything. Like couch does. It is not a clumping plant. Will some Poas form mats?
Grassman wrote:
   5 Feb 2024
I don't know where Ehrharta came from! I think that's from when I didn't realise I'd clicked on a name
Only one with runners in that area that I'm aware of is Poa pratensis
Tapirlord wrote:
   5 Feb 2024
Appreciate it :)
RobCook wrote:
   6 Feb 2024
Thank you everyone

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  • 101 - 1,000 Abundance
  • 21 Oct 2023 07:33 PM Recorded on
  • RobCook Recorded by

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